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MTG Multi-Function Tank Gauge Family

MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge
MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge


All Standard MTG’s (3050, 3012) have the capability of providing total water by strata. This includes free, emulsified, and entrained water or Total Water. This is determined by density of pure product and density of water; if we have a difference in specific gravity of 0.05 or greater, we can then determine the percentage of water per strata. From the precise location of each sensor and location within the tank, we can then use the strapping table within that strata to determine the water volume. This allows the MTG to track the whole water settling process.

Depending upon your application, the location of the MTG will influence how close to the tank bottom we can measure water. MTG Installation within a sump would allow the bottom sensor to be just below the tank floor and measure the entire tank. Installation of the MTG within a gaugewell with a datum plate would not allow measurement below the bottom sensor. However, if a percentage of water is found in the bottom strata, then using the strapping table below the bottom sensor can be used to determine the water volume including the heel space.

MTG IG 3012 Inverse Gauge

The MTG IG 3012 “Multi-function Tank Gauge – Inverse Gauge” is configured for applications where most of the liquid is water. This could include: Settling tanks, Gun barrel tanks, Separators, etc. This is for tanks where the water and oil interface being controlled for operational needs. Most of the sensors are concentrated at the interface level with less sensors in other areas. Use the MTG IG where there is more than 50% of water and if less than 50% use a standard MTG 3012 is recommended.

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