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Liquid Bulk Storage
Tank Gauging & Loss Control

Product Inventory (Quantity & Quality); Liquid Stratification (Temperature, Density, & Water); Sampling in Real-Time (Top, Middle, Bottom or more strata); Overfill & Rupture Prevention; Unauthorized Liquid Movement (Leak detection, Theft, Improper Line-ups, Equipment failure, etc.); Vapor Monitoring (Emissions Parameters, PRV Performance, Gas Blanket Monitoring, etc.); Transfer Yield Analysis (Tank Gauge and Meter by Mass or Volume), etc.

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Gauging Systems Inc. is a full-service provider of Inventory Loss Control solutions for Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks. This includes: Tank Gauging (Product Quantity & Quality); Overfill & Rupture Protection; Leak Detection (Unauthorized Movement); Vapor Monitoring (Emissions, PRV, or Blanket Monitoring), Tank Bottom or Roof Movement Indication, etc. Redundant and Tridundant solutions.

Gauging Systems Inc. (GSI) provides everything from Target Boards and Mechanical Gauges to the most advanced Tank Gauges on the market, MMP “Multi-Media Probe” and MTG “Multi-function Tank Gauge.”

MMP “Multi-Media Probe” comes in three (3) configurations:  AST “Aboveground Storage Tanks” is for Horizontal and Vertical cylinder tanks used for fueling systems and other products.  UST “Underground Storage Tanks is for gasoline, diesel, and other products stored below ground.  GAS is for LPG bullet tanks, i.e., higher pressure service.  The MMP provides: Level, Multi-point Spot Temperature, and Interface (water) with options for secondary instruments to provide: Density, Mass, Vapor pressure, etc.

MTG is a family of products using various configurations, including: MOP “Multi-function Overfill Protection” (Overfill/Rupture Prevention); MTG 3012 “Multi-function Tank Gauge”; MTG 3014 with Redundant Critical Sensors; MTG 3018 “Multi-function Tank Gauge and Overfill/Rupture Prevention”; MTG 3024 “Redundant MTG”; TTP 3030 “Tank Temperature Probe”; MTP 3025 Multi-function Tank Probe (Measures Temperature, Density, and Water); MTG 3036 “Tridundant MTG”; HTP 3050 “Hydrostatic Tank Probe”; etc.

Industries (using Liquid Bulk Storage Tanks):

•  Refining & Petrochemical
•  Marketing terminals
•  Independent liquid terminals
•  Pipeline (Logistic)  terminals
•  Crude Oil Production and Settling tanks
•  Transportation (Airports, Marine (Bunker Fuel), Barges, Tankers, FPSO’s, Railroads, etc.)
•  Government (Fuel Systems, Flood Monitoring, etc.)
•  Beverage (Wine & Spirits)
•  Pharmaceutical
•  Mining (Fuel Systems)
•  Power
•  Cooling water, Waste water, Fresh water
•  Others

GSI technology can provide the following:

•  Volume (by Hydrostatic and/or Hybrid Method)
•  Mass
•  Level
•  Interface
•  Multi-point Spot temperature (Liquid Temperature Stratification)
•  Average Product (Reference) Temperature
•  Multi-Strata density (Liquid Density stratification)
•  Average Product (Reference) Density
•  Total Water (Water stratification) Free, Emulsified, and Entrained water
•  Vapor (Pressure, Temperature, and Density) Optional – Ambient (Pressure, Temperature, and Density)
•  Flow Rate by Mass and Volume
•  Tank Bottom / Roof Movement Indication
•  Overfill & Rupture Prevention – Exceeds API 2350 5th Edition
•  Leak Detection – 24 hr. Tank Tightness or continuous monitoring
•  Vapor & Ambient monitoring (PRV, Blanketing, Emission parameters, etc.)
•  Transfer yield analysis between Tank Gauge and Meter
•  In Tank Blending / Mixing (Lubricants, Crude Oil (Benchmarks) / Condensate, etc.) •  Tank De-watering or Settling

Please tell us your liquid storage or application monitoring needs and issues. A solution might already be available.

Common Applications Include:

•  Crude Oil (De-watering) Settling, In tank blending (Quality Control)
•  Lubricants (Quality Control)
•  Gasoline, Diesel, Jet (Quality Control)
•  Remote tankage (Inventory, Liquid quality, Distribution notification, Pickup notification, Theft prevention, Alarms, etc.)

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Gauging Systems Inc. (GSI) manufactures: Flood Gauges, Target Boards, Sump Gauges, Level Indicators, Tank Gauges, Mechanical Float & Tape Gauges, Multi-function Tank Gauges, Digital Transmitters, Analog Transmitters, Limit Switches, RTU’s, LPG Tank Gauges, Communication Interfaces, Solar Interfaces, Instrument Shelters, High Level Alarm Switch, Overfill and Rupture Prevention, Unauthorized Movement Alarms (Leak Detection, Theft, Improper Line-ups, Equipment failure, etc.), Drop Box Notification Systems, and more.


Gauging Systems Inc. provides: “Services based” software for Inventory Monitoring, Tank Gauging, Overfill & Rupture protection, Leak detection (Continual and tank tightness testing), and various applications for Vapor and Ambient Air Monitoring.  Distribution and Pick-up Systems for various commodities.


Gauging Systems Inc. provides: Both bench and field service repair of tank gauging and related equipment. Project engineering and supervision for on-site installations (retrofit or new equipment). Engineers (Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software) available for system design and custom (OEM) product design.