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TG Soft Server

A Unix based Server with preloaded software designed for Multi-function Tank Gauge Capabilities and Loss Control, i.e., Overfill Protection, Rupture Protection, Leak Detection (UST & AST), Vapor Monitoring, Product Quality (Temperature, Density, and Water Stratification), Sampling (Top, Middle, and Bottom or more) by Tank Gauge, etc.  MTG, MMP and most other manufacturers gauges data can be incorporated.

The TG Soft Server receives large amounts of tank data via networkable Communications Interface Modules (CIM), it checks for alarm registers on in coming data and processes the alarms, other alarms and warnings against tank database parameters.  The data is available via a LAN, WAN, or PVN via a browser and permissive.  Any information to the cloud is one way (Outgoing), therefore, no remote entry to the TG Soft Server. The TG Soft has an extensive protocol for sharing of data, i.e.,  (MQTT, SAP, SQL, OPC, etc.) and application library (Overfill and Rupture alarms, Leak detection, Vapor Monitoring, Product quality, Sampling ticketing, Transfer ticketing, In tank Blending, etc.).  Base functions of TG Soft include Tank & Configuration database, Alarm processing, Pre-set Alarms, Alarm logging, Historical Event logging, Browser Screen displays & configuration (tanks, parameters, units of measure), E-mail, Voice, and SMS notifications, Report configuration and transmission, Inventory (Quantity & Quality), etc..