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Overfill & Rapture Protection

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MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge
MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge

Rapture Protection

MVS 3002 Multi-function Vapor Sensor

The MVS 3002 measures Vapor & Ambient pressure, temperature, and calculates density.  This provides the means for Rupture Protection, i.e., tank over pressure and vacuum that isn’t addressed within API 2350 or IEC 61511 Overfill Protection.

The MVS 3002 in conjunction with the GSI TG Soft Historian can be used to determine the current settings of Pressure Relief Vents (PRV) installed on a tank. The Historian tracks all data from every scan allowing you to view when the last time a PRV opened, at what pressure, and for how long.  The information can be then used to modify settings of your PRV’s.

The MVS 3002 can also be used to monitor any gas blanketing on a tank, i.e., making sure the pressure is correct to stop the formulation of vapors.

The MVS 3002 is designed for use on fixed or cone roof storage tanks.  It’s a short probe (2’ – 4”) with one ambient sensor above the roof and one vapor sensor below the roof.  Uses one 4” top flange.

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