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MTG 3012 Multi-function Tank Gauge (Standard)

The most accurate tank gauge in the world for product Quantity and Quality Provides the following: Volume (Total Observed Volume, Gross Observed Volume, Gross Standard Volume, & Net Standard Volume), Mass (Product Head Mass, Product Heel Mass, Product Mass, Product Apparent Mass in Air, Mass Above Bottom Sensor, Mass Below Bottom Sensor, & Total Liquid Mass), Level, Multi-point spot temperature, Average temperature, Multi-strata density, Average product density, Total water (Free, Emulsified, & Entrained), Vapor (Pressure, Temperature, & Density), Flow Rate (Volume & Mass), BRIX, and TRMI “Tank Reference (Bottom / Roof) Movement Indicator”.

Loss Control – Volume to Custody Transfer Accuracy, Mass sensitivity for Unauthorized Movement (Leak detection, Theft, Improper line-ups, etc.), Product Quality (Real time sampling Top, Middle, Bottom).  Optional: HLAS 4100, MOD 3004, MOP 3006, or MTG 3018 for Overfill Protection.