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Overfill & Rapture Protection

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MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge
MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge

Overfill Protection

MOP 3006 Multi-function Overfill / Rupture Protection

Overfill / Rupture Protection – Meets and surpasses API 2350, 5th Edition requirements; Critical High (CH), Automated Overfill Prevention System (ASOP) or Manual Overfill Prevention System (MSOP), High-High (HH), Maximum Working Level (MW), and Minimum Working Level. In addition, Rupture Protection; Tank Over Pressure and Vacuum. MTG functionality includes Volume, Mass, and Calculated Level. Full tank height (2” 304 SS) probe, Critical sensors (Vapor and Bottom), Magnetic or Teflon bottom anchor, with Aluminum transmitter enclosure. Used as a standalone Overfill/Rupture Protection Instrument or within redundant gauge configurations (MTG 3018, HTP 3055).

MOP 3006 Multi-function Overfill (and Rupture) Protection

provides both Overfill Protection (in accordance with API 2350 and IEC 61511) and Rupture Protection (MVS 3002 capabilities) from one instrument.  When used as the Secondary tank gauge, it will provide continuous Volume, Mass, Level, Temperature, & Pressure measurement over the height of the tank.  Providing Critical, ASOP, High-High, Maximum working height, Minimum working height alarms.  The MOP 3006 can be used as a standalone gauge with or without a gaugewell or as a totally independent gauge within the MTG 3018 (MTG 3012 & MOP 3006) or MHP 3055 (MTP 3050 & MOP 3006).  Both the MTG 3018 and MHP 3055 have two independent gauges within one 2” probe that can be used with or without a gaugewell.  The 2” probe will fit within an 8” or larger gaugewell without interfering with normal manual reference hand lines, electronic thermometers, or sampling.  Thus, providing a direct comparison between the reference measurements and the ATG for calibration and checking of installed accuracy.

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