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2570 Automatic Tank Gauge; Mechanical Tank Gauge, Float & Tape Gauge

2570 Mechanical Tank Gauge

The GSI 2570 Mechanical Tank Gauge is a mechanically actuated, float and tape instrument designed to provide continuous level measurement in tanks, vessels, vats, or any other container for liquid storage. Also referred to as Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), Float and Tape Tank Gauge, Float Type Level Gauge.

The latest modification (Patent Pending) to the GSI-2570 is the removable checker gland. It is, no longer required to remove the bolts and back cover, cassette, TSSA, and tape to change the checker assembly, checker or hair spring. This new method will save hours of maintenance.


Theory of Operation

GSI 2570 Mechanical Gauge Head contains a Constant Force Spring, called a Negator Motor or Negator Cassette. The GSI 2570 Mechanical Gauge Head can be mounted at ground level or on tank top . Changes in the tank level will raise or lower the Float, which moves the Tape through the Gauge pipe and over the Elbows. As the Float moves, the Tape is pulled or released by the Negator Motor. As the Tape moves, it drives a Sprocket that drives a Counter Assembly. The Counter Assembly level is given on the front of the Gauge. The Gauge may also contain a Dual Calibration Assembly, known as the DCA. This unit will let you calibrate the Counter Assembly along with the Transmitter at the same time if one is installed. If mechanical Alarms are used instead of a Transmitter, it will let you calibrate the Cams on the Alarms at any level that you set the Inch Dial to. This is very helpful when product is in the tank and you are trying to set the low & low low or high & high high levels.

Counter Assemblies may be English fractional in 16ths of an inch, English decimal in 100ths of feet or Metric in meters and millimeters. These readings may be Innage or Ullage.

Liquid seals are used on tanks that store heavy products, such as tar, in which case the seal would be filled with a cleaning agent. As the Tape runs through the Seal, the Tape would be cleaned. This keeps the contaminants or corrosive agents out of the Gauge, and keeps the Gauge working freely.

Floats are of the hollow shell type, and are made of stainless steel. In some cases, special Floats are needed. For example, in a tar tank, the Float has inverted guide clips and a long Swivel. In a turbulent or agitated tank, a Cone Dampener Float is used. Some tanks use the internal or external roof as the Float. In this case the Tape or Tape/cable would be attached to a roof weight that sets on the Floating roof. The same tanks may also use a Float that rides inside a Float well.

Top Anchors are used on the Cone Roof Tanks to allow the Guide Wire to expand with tank expansion by means of a spring that is enclosed. Top Anchors mount on top of the tank. Guide Wire runs from the Top Anchors down to the Bottom Anchor, which is attached to the floor. The Guide Wire provides a track for the guided Float to travel along.

Brackets are used for holding the pipe in place along the external wall of the tank. Some tanks require a bracket at the top of the tank to support the sheave Elbows also.

The GSI 2570 is a low pressure gauge, suitable for installation on tanks with working pressure up to 15 psig. The GSI 2570 can be purchased as a gauge head to upgrade older or broken gauges and purchased as a gauge kit for new tank installations.

GSI offers the 2570 in a variety of gauge and kit options. GSI gauge kits are engineered to fit the tank application, i.e., product content, service requirements, and physical tank construction.

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Float & Tape Tank Gauge Applications

  • Petroleum Tanks
  • Airport Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Waste Water Treatment Tanks
  • Lubricant Oil Tanks


Mounting:Pipe & Bracket Mounting System
Pressure:15 – 25 psi
Temperature Range:‐40 °F to 185 °F (‐40 °C to 85 °C)
Weight (head only):28 lbs. (12.7 kg)