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2530 Liquid Level Indicator, Target Board

2530 Liquid Level Indicator / Target Board

The GSI 2530 Liquid Level Indicator (Target Board) is a sturdy aluminum level indication board.


Theory of Operation

The ruler and board is mounted on the outside of the tank. Mounted inside of the tank is a set of guide wires attached with top and bottom anchors, this lets the float travel parallel with the level indicator. The indicator is used on the ruler board. A Cable is fastened between the float and the Indicator, the cable travels through sheave elbows and pipe carrier. As product rises or falls the float follows and places the indicator on the ruler board at the product level.

The indicator board target is accurate to within one inch or 25.4 mm. The indicator board is available with graduations in either feet or meters. The large black numerals on a white background make the readout plainly visible at a distance. Half travel targets are available for special installations such as below ground tanks.

The choice of target board materials permits applications of this tank gauging system to a wide variety of environmental conditions and product applications. A liquid seal is available to protect the gauge board from corrosive tank vapors and condensation.

A standard kit includes guide wire, top anchors, and welded bottom anchor. Optional: “In Service Kit” includes a weighted bottom anchor and an API split manhole cover for installation using an existing tank entry. GSI also manufactures unguided floats with wear rings for stilling well installation (See GSI Float literature).

  • Economical – Low cost and easy installation makes it ideal for simple tank gauging problems.
  • Compatibility – Standard materials suitable for most product applications. Optional, special material components are readily available.
  • Environmental – A Liquid Seal is available to prevent toxic vapors or condensate from escaping to atmosphere.



  • Tanks
  • Agricultural Ponds
  • Flood Gate Indication


Mounting:Brackets, 1 per 8 foot section (1 per 2.44 meters)
Materials:Aluminum Board (Consult GSI for special Materials)
Increments:Feet & Meters Standard ( Consult GSI for custom Increments)