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1570 CIM Communications Interface Module
1570 CIM Communications Interface Module

CIM-1570-8130R – Designed to provide a reliable replacement of other manufacturers interfaces.

1570 CIM Communications Interface Module

The GSI 1570 CIM Communications Interface Module is a data concentration and gateway device between one or more host systems. It has multiple communication ports that can be configured for a variety of electrical interfaces and communication protocols depending on the application requirements, including multiple and redundant host configurations.

The CIM polls all of its field devices (regardless of electrical interface and protocols). It stores the data from those instruments in its internal memory for access by the host systems. It is organized in a consistent, well-defined manner regardless of the characteristics of the actual field devices supplying that information.

A local LCD display shows the communication status and critical data (e.g. level and temperature) from each device.


Theory of Operation

The 1570 CIM is packaged in a panel-mounted or DIN-rail mountable “biscuit assembly” consisting of a GSI 6302 CIM circuit board and a 4×20 LCD display. This biscuit assembly can be installed in a variety of enclosures depending on the application requirements, including explosion proof NEMA 7 enclosures for hazardous environments or NEMA 4/12 enclosures for indoor or non-hazardous outdoor environments.

The 1570 CIM has built-in capability for RS232, RS485, and 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet connectivity. It can also be equipped with 10/100BASE-FX (fiber optic Ethernet) communication via an optional copper-to-fiber converter. Similarly, the 1570 CIM can also be provided with a variety of wireless communication devices (WiFi, Mesh, Broadband, Cellular, etc.).

The 1570 CIM can also be packaged with various power supplies, barriers, surge protection, UPS, topology converters, and other equipment as required by the specific application.

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  • Varec® 8130 RTU Replacement (1570-8130R)
  • Tank Farm Communications (Instruments and Host)
  • Protocol or Topology Converter
  • Tank Data Display
  • Increases Data Refresh Rates in Tank Farms


Operating Conditions:Environmental temperature (ambient): -20° F to 160° F (- 30° C to + 70° C)
Electrical:Power Input:24 VDC, 1 Amp (NEMA7)
120/240 VAC, 1 Amp (NEMA 4/12)
User Interface Features:LCD Display Support
Pushbutton Support
Keypad Support (optional – see ordering information)
Protocols Supported:MODBUS-RTU, (Serial or Ethernet)
MODBUS ASCII (Serial or Ethernet)
MODBUS-TCP/IP (Ethernet)
GSI ASCII (Serial or Ethernet)
ENRAF GPU (Serial or Ethernet)
ENRAF BPM (Serial)
ENRAF MODBUS (Serial or Ethernet)
L&J Tankway (Serial, Ethernet, or Plug-in daughter board)
GPE 13422/13423 (Serial, Ethernet, or Plug-in daughter board)
Veeder-Root TLS-350
(Contact GSI for additional protocols)
Daughter Board Options:Varec Mark-Space
L&J Tankway
GPE Current Loop
Analog/Digital I/O
Processor/Memory Expansion