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MTG Tri-dundancy

Home Products 3036 MTG Long (Three to six Redundant or Independent MTG’s within one probe)

MTG 3036 – Three (3) to Six (6) Independent or Redundant MTG’s within one probe

A Redundant Multi-function Tank Gauge with 3 to 6 (Transmitter Cards and Sensor Arrays) (36 -72 Sensors) fully independent tank gauges within one physical probe assembly. The MTG 3036 alternates sensors per array and transmitter cards to avoid any critical probe failures. There are several options for the combination of data into one Virtual Probe or application specific data segregation. Applications include: Tall tanks, Salt domes, Marine tankers & FPSO’s, etc. (Note: The MTG 3036 or “Long”  was the first Redundant Tank Gauge ever built in 1998, i.e., five redundant gauges in one probe using the combined sensor data to form one tank gauge in tanks 250’ (76.2m) in height to Custody Transfer Accuracy API MPMS 3.6 and 16.2). (Note: After 19 years in service, these gauges are now also supporting Leak Detection analysis, both tank tightness and historical analysis).

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