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Gauging Systems Inc. is a privately held Texas Corporation, founded on May 6, 1983

Gauging Systems Inc. (GSI) started as a tank gauging service and repair company, and worked on a variety of different manufacturers’ tank gauging equipment and technologies. Through years of field service, GSI gained firsthand knowledge of the problems within existing manufacturers’ systems, and recognized an opportunity to retrofit or replace the original equipment with “better mousetraps”. Familiarity with other tank gauging systems’ electrical standards and protocols allowed GSI to become known for the capability to integrate new products and improvements into a variety of systems.

Today, GSI is headquartered in a suburb of Houston, Texas and two of the four original founders are still active within the company. However, GSI’s focus has moved towards the design and manufacture of new technologies that provide more accurate measurements, reduce the cost of ownership (e.g., Equipment, Cabling, Installation, and Maintenance), and increase the benefits to the customer (e.g., plant safety, asset utilization, operating efficiency, data throughput, and system connectivity). GSI is proud to be able to offer these quality products, for sale or lease, at a fair market price.

GSI manufactures volume, liquid level, and mass tank gauging equipment and systems for the petroleum, petrochemical, power, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, marine, pulp & paper, and water industries. Providing customers with the means for measurement of volume by Hybrid and Hydrostatic Methods to within Custody Transfer Accuracy (Loss Control) standards in accordance with API, ISO, GOST, and OIML. GSI’s offerings range from turn-key enterprise solutions, to supply of software, instruments, and spare parts. Services are also available, including integration expertise, field service, and bench repair for both GSI’s and competitors’ equipment worldwide.

In 1995, GSI became the first tank gauging software developer to qualify as a “Microsoft Certified Solution Provider”. Currently, we are a “Microsoft Certified Partner”, developing tank gauging software programs—and other Windows applications—that are expandable from a single user interface to enterprise based solutions, and designed for the .NET Framework.

GSI Cellular was formed in 2002 and provides turn-key solutions for monitoring data from remote sites using Cellular RTU’s integrated into gauging instruments. The RTU’s communicate by Microburst™ technology over cellular control channels. Customers can be notified of customizable gauge events through their website, e-mail, phone, pager, fax, or by Dropbox Notification. Applications for this technology include Flood Indication, GPS Tracking and historical logging, Crude oil tank monitoring, Additive tank monitoring, Home heating oil / LPG monitoring, and many more.

GSI has a long and continuing tradition of innovation, and has engendered many “Firsts” in the industry.

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