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Gauging Systems Inc. (GSI) believes in servicing its customers needs. To that extent, GSI provides a wide range of services to its customers. The services we offer are based upon our experience in tank gauging over the last twenty years. Starting as a field service repair company, GSI has not forgotten its roots in both field and bench repair service. GSI has contracts for the maintenance of every manufactured system and technology on the market over the last fifty years. Our field service staff is the most experienced and qualified in the industry.

Services offered by Gauging Systems Inc. include:

01 Support of Existing Systems and Equipment
  • Spare Parts (Most manufacturers’ tank gauging equipment)
  • Retrofit – Hardware, Topology, Software & Network (Upgrade of older tank gauging systems)
  • Bench Repair (Most manufacturers’ tank gauging equipment)
  • Field Service (Most manufacturers’ tank gauging systems)
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Training (Classroom or Site)
2400 Analog Transmitter
Negator Cassette, 2570 Automatic Tank Gauge; Mechanical Tank Gauge, Float & Tape Gauge
02 New Systems and Equipment
  • Project Engineering
    • System Specification
    • Manufacturing / Testing
    • Integration / System staging
    • Topology Configuration
    • Software & Network Configuration
    • Internal Testing
    • System Documentation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing or Inspection
  • Installation
  • System Start-up
  • Site Acceptance (Testing & Sign-off)
  • Training (Classroom or Site)
  • Warranty Repair / Field Service
  • Skype Support (24/7/365)
  • Remote PM Monitoring & Reporting (Based on network topologies)
03 Engineering Services
  • Application Engineering
  • Topology Design
  • System Design
  • Hardware Design (Custom or OEM)
  • Software & Network Design (Custom or OEM)
  • Documentation (Product or system, generic or application specific)
MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge

Again, because of our field service experience, GSI started designing products to eliminate some of the problems we encountered, i.e., building better (mouse traps) tank gauging equipment. A good number of the problems that we encountered were a direct result of misapplication of technology, some were a misapplication due to the liquid measured, some were a direct result of improper installation, etc. From this experience, we developed application experience, product experience, proper installation techniques, and the ability to train people on tank gauging.

From our own engineering experience of hardware and software products (design, prototyping, lab testing, field testing, etc.), we have applied the same principles to manufacture custom made hardware. The same is true of our software products. Gauging Systems was the first tank gauging manufacturer and tank gauging software manufacturer to become a "Microsoft Certified Solution Provider" in 1995. We have maintained our status in the program with Microsoft since that time. GSI has fully qualified "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers" developing the next generation of software solutions using the latest Windows operating systems and platforms.

However, it has been from our customers, engineering firms, and the government that we have learned the proper ways of conducting acceptance testing, both at the factory and fully configured in the field. Gauging Systems offers this service on all GSI manufactured hardware, software, or systems. We also offer Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing of third party (tank gauging) systems to our mutual customers. This provides customers with a non-biased test facilitator with expertise in tank gauging, thus assuring the most stringent and thorough testing.

With any new system, both classroom and hands-on experience are needed. The most effective time for training is during the factory acceptance testing and site acceptance testing, when both operations and maintenance groups can be trained on their respective responsibilities with the system. Gauging Systems offers this service, in addition to normal refresher classes on all facets of tank gauging.

Contact GSI if you have a service need that is not being addressed.