Hurricanes within the Gulf Coast often disrupt refining, pipeline, bulk liquid storage facilities, and marketing terminals. The liquid product and the bulk liquid storage tanks (and associated equipment) compose a large portion of these companies assets. In order to protect both the liquid product and the bulk liquid storage tank assets, preparation for major storms (weather) is necessary.

The EPA’s Region 6 Regional Response Team has come out with “Flood (Hurricane) Preparedness, Recommended Best Practices” that you might find interesting.

Gauging Systems Inc. also contends that the features of the MTG “Multi-function Tank Gauge” can provide the most operational benefit during these storms conditions in the Gulf Coast. Florida, Caribbean, and Eastern Seaboard. Providing continual operation and useable data not found with any other gauge technology, thus making the aftermath a smoother and cost efficient process. The MTG provides:

  • Monitoring of Volume, Mass, & Level in the tank during the storm.
    • Intrinsically safe (12Vdc power), water tight conduit from the tank to the interface, Interfaces mounted on or outside of dikes. Interfaces within mounted enclosures or shelters (dry area), Fiber optic Ethernet topology from the interfaces to the control room.
  • Leak detection, Overfill detection, and Rupture detection
  • Unauthorized movement by mass sensitivity
  • Vapor space condition (pressure, temperature, density)
  • Volume Inventory; yield accounting of pre-flood preparation Inventory between aftermath Inventory (pre-water and after)
  • Total water in tank (Free, Emulsified, & Entrained)
  • De-watering of product
  • Product quality in real-time (Top, Middle, & Bottom or more)
    • Homogeneous product (Meeting product specifications)
    • Quality control for deliverable products (Gasoline, Diesel, and JP)

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