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Written quotations by Gauging Systems Inc. are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation, unless otherwise specified within the quotation under Terms – Validity.  All clerical errors are subject to correction and notification of the customer prior to formal acceptance of  an order by Gauging Systems.


All prices are subject to change without notice.  When prices are changed, all outstanding written quotations will be honored for 30 days or the length of  validity on the quotation.

Minimum Order:

We don’t believe in placing a minimum dollar amount needed in order to process an order.  We want your business…  However, we ask our customers to realize that each order placed takes a certain amount of overhead.  Please check your work schedule before placing an order to make sure you have everything you need.

Payment Terms:

Gauging Systems accepts the following credit cards: American Express, VISA, and Master Card.

Normal payment terms for domestic orders are Net 30 for customers with approved credit.

First time customers need to establish credit line prior to ordering or orders will be based upon credit card or COD.

Normal payment terms for International orders is a certified irrevocable letter of credit with U.S. funds to Gauging Systems inc.’s bank (advising and certifying). The letter of credit is payable against shipping documents and prior to shipping release.

A direct wire transfer to GSI’s bank allows shipment immediately upon completion of the order. Based upon the size of an order, a materials deposit may be required to process the order. Each international shipment shall be considered as a separate and independent transaction, and payment shall be made accordingly.

Note: Gauging Systems Inc. reserves the right to charge interest on late payments and legal expenses for the collection of debts.


Gauging Systems will quote standard product deliveries unless otherwise asked.  Gauging Systems will not be subject to penalties on late deliveries due to unforeseeable events, vendor’s tardiness, or acts of God.  In all cases, GSI will try in earnest to deliver all orders on time.

Rush Orders (Next Day):

Gauging Systems will provide next day delivery on standard catalog and mechanical gauge part orders.  However, this requires the assignment of a person to fill the order, box, and prepare shipping documents.  GSI charges a $75.00 premium on next day delivery on orders taken after 11:00 AM CT and before 4:00 PM CT.  There is no charge on orders taken before 11:00 AM for next day delivery.


Gauging Systems uses standard delivery services that include: DHL, UPS, and FedEx for all domestic orders (standard).  Gauging Systems also insures deliveries to the net value of the package.  When specifically requested, GSI will ship by other delivery time frames (Over Night, Second Day, Three Day,  etc.) with DHL, UPS, Federal Express, and various truck lines.  Please indicate when ordering the means of transportation required for delivery of your order or DHL Standard Delivery (with insurance) will be used as the default.


A minimum charge of  25% of list price on standard catalog products will be applied on any cancellation once entered into our ordering system for production.  A minimum charge of 50% of the price on any custom products will be applied on any cancellation once entered into our ordering system for production.

Restocking Charge:

A minimum restocking charge of  25% of  list price on standard catalog products will be applied on any equipment returned within 90 days from the date of original shipment.  Materials returned must be in restockable condition or additional refurbush charges will be applied to the credit.  No returns will be accepted without a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) from Gauging Systems.

GSI does not normally accept the return of custom made products for restocking.  These return requests will be handled on a case by case basis, with a minimum restocking charge of 50%.


The following drawings are available for all catalog products,

  1. Outline drawing with mounting dimensions,
  2. Electrical installation drawing, and
  3. Electrical schematic if applicable. These drawings are normally found within the installation / instruction manual for the catalog product.

Gauging Systems will supply one installation/instruction manual  per  product on a order.  Upon request, a maximum of  three (3) installation /instruction manuals will be shipped without additional charge.   System (gauges, transmitters, interface, and software) orders are supplied with three (3) sets of installation / instruction manuals.

Documentation Pricing:

Installation / Instruction Manuals                       $ C/F

Non-certified reproducible drawings                    $ N/C

Certified reproducible drawings                          $ C/F

Full size non-certified reproducible drawings       $ C/F

Mylar & Microfilm is available upon request         $ C/F

Material Certification                                         $ C/F

Certified Test Results                                       $ C/F

Please notify GSI of all  required documentation prior to formal quotation.


Paper tagging of equipment                    $ 10.00 per tag

Stainless Steel Tags                              $ 50.00 per tag / based upon GSI Standard Information

Other                                                    Consult GSI

Please specify tagging requirements.

Visual Inspection in Plant:

Inspection of an order at our facilities by the purchaser or their agent is made at no charge if inspection is made in a timely manner.  Gauging Systems reserves the right to charge for personnel time and/or storage if the inspection scheduling causes a delay in shipment.

Factory Acceptance Testing:

Gauging Systems offers Factory Acceptance Testing as a vital part of every system quotation.  GSI believes in full operating tests witnessed by the customer before delivery to site.  The cost of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is based upon the time and personnel needed to setup the test, and will vary based upon the size of the system.  However, GSI feels that the cost of a FAT is minimal compared to the cost of any rework on site.  All software systems should pass through a Factory Acceptance Test!

Domestic and International Shipments:

Gauging Systems’ standard policy is FOB  Sugar Land, Texas, i.e., Freight on Board at GSI’s facilities in Sugar Land, Texas.  This means that the consignee takes possession of, and responsibility for, the equipment as soon as it leaves the factory shipping dock and is loaded on board the common carrier’s vehicle.  The customer pays the freight charges and insurance from our shipping dock to the destination.  Any damages in transportation should be brought to the carrier’s attention upon receipt and noted for insurance purposes.  NOTE: GSI will not warranty products that have been damaged in shipment.

Additional Charges for International Shipments (FOB):

Use the following Worksheet to determine the total cost for International Orders.

Gross Amount of the sale                                            __________

Crating and packing charge for shipment                       __________

Insurance                                                                   __________

Inland freight                                                               __________

Ocean freight and / or Air freight                                   __________

** Handling Fees                                                         __________

Forwarding Fees                                                         __________

Consular Fees                                                            __________

Certification Fees                                                        __________

TOTAL NET PRICE                                                     __________