GSI-3200 Digital Magnetostrictive

  • High Accuracy: .01% of Full Scale
  • Simple Calibration: Pushbutton or HART Protocol
  • Never Requires Re-Calibration: Set It & Forget It
  • Dual Compartment Housing with Separate Field Terminal Compartment
  • No Drift Due To:
  • Dielectric Constant Changes Vapor Composition Changes Temperature Changes Pressure Changes
  • Loop Powered to 75’ (22M) Probe Length
  • Total and/or Interface Level Measurement
  • Pressure to 3000psig (207 bar), Std. 950 psig (66 bar)
  • Temperature Range: -320 to 800o F (-196 to 427oC) with options
  • Field Replaceable Module
  • Built In RFI / EMI Filter
  • Local Indication with Scrolling LCD Display
  • Two Level Outputs
  • Temperature Output
  • HART Protocol Output
  • Honeywell DE Output
  • Glass Viewing Window
  • 316L Stainless Steel Enclosure


The AT100 is based upon the Magnetostrictive principle. The sensing tube contains a wire which is pulsed at fixed time intervals and the interaction of the current pulse with the magnetic field created by the magnetic float. This causes a tensional stress wave to be induced in the wire. This torsion propagates along the wire at a known velocity, from the position of the magnetic float and toward both ends of the wire. A patented piezo-magnetic sensing element placed in the transmitter assembly converts the received mechanical torsion into an electrical return pulse. The microprocessor-based electronics measures the elapsed time between the start and return pulses and converts it into a 4-20 mA output which is proportional to the level being measured.