Fiber Optic Transmitter

Fiber Optical communications offers the following advantages:

1) Immunity from interference from RFI and EMI.

2) Isolation of transmitters on the tanks which prevents a lightning strike on any tank causing
damage to the transmitters on other tanks.

3) High data rate, at least 38,400 Baud. The maximum data rate will be determined by the other equipment in use, as the Fiber Optic link is capable of at least 5 Megabaud (5,000,000 Bits
per second).

The MACB/Fiber uses one pair of optical fibers. The transmitter receives data on one fiber and transmits data on the other. The Baud rate is set by a DIP switch and is adjustable from 1200 to 38,400 (other Baud rates are available on request).

The format of the data is configurable and several formats are supported. Some of the formats available are:
The data available can be in Feet, Inches and 16ths, Feet and 100ths of Feet, or millimeters.


Two (2) optical fiber connections are used and two (2) wires to provide power.

The optical fibers use ST type connectors (SMA and other fiber connectors are available on special order). The fiber connectors are made in a weather-proof enclosure.

The wires are used to provide the power to the transmitter. Explosion-proof entry is provided for the power connections, as well as other electrical connections, such as that of the RTD.