GSI-2200 Limit Switches

Gauging Systems Inc. manufactures low cost Limit Switch Assemblies for use with most manufacturers’ mechanical float gauges, including the GSI - 2570 PJ, GSI - 2570 DX, and GSI - 2550 gauges.

The GSI - 2020 comes in two models, the LSA and theMALS. The LSA “Limit Switch Assembly” is theequivalent of other Cam activated limit switches found on the market with a 1/2” calibration accuracy.

The MALS “Micro- adjustable Limit Switch” is designed for higher accuracy with 1/16” calibration accuracy. Both models support up to Six
Cam activated single pole double throw (SPDT) switches per assembly, with two supplied on the base models. The GSI-2020 provides the user with an indication when the alarm level is reached by the mechanical gauge. The GSI-2020 is designed for control applications based upon liquid level such as contactors for pumps, motor operated valves (MOV’s), mixers, heaters, etc. and emergency shut down (ESD).
  • UL Approved
  • 2 - 6 SPDT Switches
  • 0 - 80 Foot Range
  • Both DC and AC Switch Ratings
  • NC or NO Settings
  • Various dwell times available
  • Mounts to most manufacturers’ mechanical gauges

Theory of Operation:

The mechanical gauge drives a limit switch

shaft attached to a worm gear. The worm gear in turn drives another gear attached to the Cam mounting shaft. As the Cam shaft turns it rotates each Cam disk assembly. Each Cam disk has a raised area that represents a percentage of

the Cam’s circumference. The rise represents the dwell time of the Cam, i.e., the duration of the alarm (by percentage).

As the Cam rotates toward the fixed switch, the roller on the switches arm assembly rides along the edge (circumference) of the Cam. As the arm rides up the dwell the switch is activated. Each Cam can be calibrated to within 1/2” (12.7 mm) of the actuation point. For higher accuracy the GSI - MALS Micro- Adjustable Limit Switch uses an adjustable switch assembly that can be adjusted in or out to calibrate the exact point of contact with the Cam’s dwell or raised mound. With the MALS, each Cam can be calibrated to within 1/16” (1.5 mm) of the actuation point.