GSI-3100 MMP Gauge


 MMP™ is a new gauge recently introduced to the market. Its design is the third generation of the CAP™ product line, adding functionality and additional features in every revision.

The MMP™ is manufactured in heights up to 20 feet (6m). Originally designed for use in LPG / LNG bullet tanks, other applications include UST "Underground Storage Tanks", Vertical and Horizontal Cylinder Tanks, Tank Trucks, Rail Cars, etc. It is simply not just another gauge, it is truly unique.

Consider a probe that is nothing but stainless steel pipe, with no sensitive elements in contact with liquid media and No Moving Parts. Contemplate a tank gauge probe with custody transfer level accuracy (±1mm) working equally well with both liquefied gases and liquids. Bear in mind this probe provides multi-point spot temperature and average product temperature measurements. Think about a tank gauging probe that can measure water level with the same millimeter accuracy as liquid level.

The MMP provides for 1,000 strapping points and/or API/ISO volume calculations directly in the transmitter head; digital transmitter, MODBUS RTU protocol, using a RS-485 electrical standard, and two fully configurable 4-20 mA outputs assignable to any measured or calculated value (Volume, Level, Interface, Temperature, etc.).

The MMP is also low in cost compared with most "Custody Transfer" Acuraccy Tank Gauges.

However, the list of advantages is far from being complete:

  • MMP automatically performs self-calibration during its operation.
  • The temperature measurements are all based on Class A or optional DIN standard, 4-wire, 100Ohm, platinum RTDs.
  • The MMP can output level and volume values in metric, English-Fractional, or English-Decimal units directly from the head.
  • MMP is designed as an Intrinsically Safe instrument with extremely low power consumption (ideal for alternative powering and/or remote monitoring applications).

Options include: Number of temperature sensors; With or without water measurement; level accuracy (process – custody transfer); Analog outputs; and Mounting hardware.

For LPG/LNG applications, the MMP includes an optional pressure measurement with corresponding API/ISO calculations (amount of product in the gaseous space). In addition to standard volume output, the density entry will allow liquid mass and total mass calculations.

MMP is suitable to any dielectric, low viscosity liquid.

If you are liquid gas terminal or a light petroleum storage terminal operator - consider this trouble free rigid and accurate instrument. It will provide you more accuracy and reliability than one would expect from a normal tank gauge.