Inventory or Custody Transfer

For years, Gauging Systems Inc. has been building a mechanical gauge that is better known for its parts being directly interchangeable with another manufacturer’s gauge. However, the GSI 2570 Mechanical Tank Gauge has less hysteresis and better built parts that affect the accuracy of the gauge and gauge transmitter.

Improved Tank Gauging Topology

The major cost in any tank gauging or tank farm automation project is the field wiring. Normally two-thirds (2/3) of the cost is for wire, conduit, electrical fittings, etc. The upgrade of older technology in the field is often delayed because of the capital needed to replace the communications infrastructure. This means the benefits are also delayed and cost you money.

Why should you Focus on Volume and Not Level?

The MTG “Multi-function Tank Gauge” is the most accurate tank gauge for volume measurement.

Why should you Focus on Volume and Not Level? 

In the petrochemical industry, Shareholders, CEO’s, CFO’s, management, etc. are all concerned with net liquid assets, i.e., volume. The net worth of any company is in part based upon the inventory and the protection of company assets. In the oil and petrochemical industry this means accurate liquid measurement and loss control procedures.

Within the petrochemical industry there are standards for determining volume of petroleum products by automatic tank gauging. The two most used standards for tank gauging and measurement of volume of petroleum product within storage tanks are American Petroleum Institute (API) and International Standards Organization (ISO).

A Loss Control Dream

A Tank Full of Money!

I recently had the opportunity to give a paper at a School on Hydrocarbon Measurement. Because of the influx of work and the human tendency to procrastinate, things began to build up, and my time was squeezed from all directions. I waited until the proverbial last minute to start my paper. I worked well into the night. I found it hard to put across a simple message that people would understand. Finally I just went home to get some sleep.

Cost Justification for a Tank Gauging Project

Over the relatively short (5 years) life span of the MTG “Multi-function Tank Gauge” technology our customers have given us some tremendous feedback.  The feedback shows Economic justification for the MTG through safety, environmental, operational, and savings benefits.

Radar Advertising - Deceptive or Not?
M.I. Wright

Recently I read an advertisement written by another tank gauging manufacturer. It said “Have you ever thought about what it takes to know the exact net volume in a million-barrel tank of crude oil, without even touching the stuff?”

As a tank-gauging manufacturer, we believe every tank gauging manufacturer and potential user has thought of this idea. If there was a technology that determined the exact net volume without even "touching the stuff", everyone would be using it. The reality of the matter is there is no technology on the market for Net Volume where you don’t have to touch the stuff.

Competitive Analysis - Hydrostatic Bubblers

MTG™ Vs. Hydrostatic Nitrogen Bubblers

Recently a Hydrostatic Nitrogen Bubbler manufacturer published a chart entitled “Tank Gauging Technology Comparison” showing their gauge vs. a variety of gauge technologies. It was obvious in the comparisons to other technologies (Mechanical Tank Gauges, Radar, Servo, Hydrostatic, Magnetostrictive, and MTG) that they had made both false and misleading statements. After reading and reviewing literature from all manufacturers, GSI makes the following “Tank Gauging Comparison between MTG and Hydrostatic Nitrogen Bubblers.