GSI Temperature Products

GSI-4000 RTD's and GSI-4005 Thermowells

GSI provides a full line of temperature products used for tank gauging temperature measurement. This includes 3-wire 100ohm Platinum and Copper RTD’s and Thermowells used with most mechanical float gauge transmitters.  The RTD's and Thermowells are normally mounted in the side of the tank, 36" up from grade level and are 36" in length according to API Chapter 7.4 on automated temperature measurement.  Other length RTD's and Thermowells, as well as, 4-wire RTD's are also available. (See GSI-4000 and GSI-4005 Bulletins for specifications and ordering information).
GSI-4030 Bi-metal / RTD Combination

Gauging Systems Inc. has combination RTD's and Bimetal Thermometers.  This provides both an analog Bi-metal local analog dial display for local readout at the tank, but also provides an RTD remote temperature output to your inventory system, while only using one Thermowell in the tank. (See GSI-4030 Bulletin for specifications and ordering information)
GSI-4035 Bi-metal Thermometers

Gauging Systems Inc. has Bi-metal Thermometers for customers with manual level and temperature systems.  These are available in most lengths and temperature ranges. (See GSI-4035 Bulletin for specifications and ordering information)
GSI-4010 Top Mounted RTD's

Single-Point tank top mounted RTD’s are also available for customers without thermowells that don't want to hot tap a tank.  These are available in custom lengths to match your tank height.  There are a number of flange fittings available to match existing tank openings. The Top mounted RTD is available in 100ohm Copper or Platinum element, 3-Wire or 4-Wire type.(See GSI-4010 Bulletin for specifications and ordering information)
GSI-4020 Multiple Spot Temperature Probe and GSI-4022 Multi-Averaging Probe

The Multiple Spot Temperature Probe reads the temperature from multiple RTD's and reports the temperature measurement from each of the elements.  Thus, from the GSI-4015 Smart Temperature Switch you can determine average temperature from those elements covered by product or the temperature of each element in determining if any temperature stratification exists. (See GSI-4020 and GSI-4015 Bulletins for specifications and ordering information)
GSI-4025 Water-Bottom Measurement & Multiple Spot Temperature Measurement


GSI has a Water Bottom Indicator built into a Multi-Spot Temperature Probe Assembly. The Water Bottom Indicator is a Capacitance Probe built onto the Multi-Spot Temperature Probe's bottom 24" - 36". It provides an independent 4-20mA output indicating the percentage of water over the range of the capacitance probe. However, it is limited to free water (not emulsified or entrained water) at that specific location. (See GSI-4025 and GSI-4015 Bulletins for specifications and ordering information)