GSI 3050 HTP Hydrostatic Tank Probe

HTP (Hydrostatic Tank Probe) eliminates added cost and measurement errors caused by the physical mounting of multiple pressure transmitters and RTD on the side of the tank with HTG systems.

Infrastructure costs of traditional HTG include; hot taps, block off valves, tubing, heat trace, multiple conduit & wiring runs, and a separate data concentrator / interface. The HTP (Hydrostatic tank probe) uses only one tank top opening and only one conduit & wiring run.

Traditional HTG errors, such as temperature gradient over the body of the pressure sensor, wing effect of wind around the tank, reference movement error due to tank wall movement, reference measurement point error, inaccurate level measurement, and average density measurement are eliminated by the physical design of the HTP (Hydrostatic Tank Probe).

HTP is ideally suited for customers that reconcile Inventory by Mass. Most Chemical Plants fall into this category and require a very accurate “Mass Balance” each day but only need level to a degree of accuracy to establish “set-points” for reliable operations of tank filling and emptying.

Configuration: The HTP consists of a transmitter head with a single card CPU and a sensor termination board. The transmitter is attached to the probe at the top of the tank. The 2” probe runs through a tank top mounted flange to the floor of the tank. Along the probe height there are 4 Sensor Modules, consisting of a high accuracy pressure transducer and a Class A, 100 Ohm Platinum, four-wire RTD. One Sensor Module is located in vapor space, one Sensor Module just above the tank bottom (about the same height as the datum plate), and two Sensor Modules equally spaced between the bottom Sensor Module and the normal fill height of the tank.

Listed below are some key features of the GSI-3050 HTP:

  • Installs from the top of the tank through one single opening; No “Hot-Tapping” required.
  • No Moving Parts.
  • The HTP is “bottom-referenced” with the probe mounted through a slip flange with O-ring seal at the top of the tank and resting on the floor of the tank. Various bottom sections are available; bottom anchor, Magnetic bottom foot, UMDH bottom foot, etc.
  • Installs within 8” or larger gauge well, supporting both a 2” HTP entry and 4” manual gauge hatch, thus providing a direct reference between the ATG and manual hand line.
  • 1,000 point strapping (tank) table is stored in transmitter.
  • Transmitter performs volume calculation in accordance with API, ISO, or GOST standards.
  • All data available (including diagnostics) via MODBUS RTU protocol from the transmitter. Perfect for installation with SCADA and DCS without high costs for integration.
  • Transmitter supports two-way communication of data for polling and configuration.
  • The HTP is an Intrinsically Safe instrument, operating voltage 9 - 16Vdc. Supports solar powered / radio topology and other communication topologies.
  • One electrical connection for both signal and power. NOTE: Wiring must be run through I.S. Barriers
  • The HTP provides: Mass, Level, Multi-point spot temperature, Average product temperature, two density strata, Average product density, Vapor pressure, and Vapor temperature.

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