GSI-4200 I/O Modules - Analog to Digital Converters

Gauging Systems Inc. Win TG Pro Software and other HMI's used for tank monitoring have the capability of adding I/O to the field wiring bus.  GSI's standard field wiring bus is an IEEE RS 485 (four wire) Electrical Standard using MODBUS RTU protocol.  The Input/Output Modules listed below can be used on the RS 485 bus to add addition capabilities (monitoring and control) to your system. 

  • Voltage Inputs to MODBUS RTU
  • Current Inputs to MODBUS RTU
  • Thermocouple Inputs to MODBUS RTU
  • RTD Inputs to MODBUS RTU
  • Timer & Frequency Inputs to MODBUS RTU
  • Digital Inputs / Outputs to MODBUS RTU
  • MODBUS RTU to Spread Spectrum Radio
  • MODBUS RTU to 10BASE-FL (Fiber Link)