The E/TGI is a field mounted tank gauge interface that provides the following:

  • Local display
  • Protocol conversion
  • Topology conversion
  • Data Concentrator
  • Programmable device for custom software applications and RTU

Features include:
  • One RS 232/485 and Single or redundant 10BaseT (RJ-45) or 10BaseT-FL (Fiber) ports to a host device.
  • WEB enabled TCP/IP (connectivity to Intranet / Internet is browser supported).
  • One RS 232/485 port to field devices.
  • I.S. Barriers, Optical Isolation, & Surge Protectors to field devices (based upon field devices used).
  • Single or multiple tanks per unit (based upon field devices used)
  • Optional: I/O boards
  • NEMA 7 or NEMA 4X units are available.

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