The GSI-1530 Portable Interface Unit (PIU) is a single loop field interface. It provides communications between the host system and tank gauges.

The PIU has an RS 232 port for communications to and from the Host system. Within the PIU the signals to and from the Host system (RS 232) are converted to RS 485 electrical signal. A surge protector board provides optical isolation between the field wiring and the PIU. A 12Vdc power supply within the PIU supplies power to the field loop.

The PIU is completely transparent to the communications protocol used, i.e., what is transmitted, is what is received. There is no "setup" for Baud rate, Parity, etc.

Unit includes:
  • Desk top case
  • RS 485 to RS 232 Converter to host
  • Surge protector
  • 12 VDC Power Supply
  • Protocol: Any ASCII protocol using RS 485, including MODBUS RTU
  • GSI TEST Software is supplied with the PIU

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