GSI-1515 E/IFI Enhanced Intelligent Field Interface

The GSI-E/IFI "Enhanced - Intelligent Field Interface" provides multiple integration solutions for tank gauging. We have yet to find a situation where it doesn't provide the functionality that you want!

Designed to be used either in the control room or in the field (tank farm). The E/IFI is a modular field interface design. The E/IFI can be thought as the Tinker Toys, Erector Sets, Building Blocks, or Lego’s of the tank-gauging world, providing connectivity between all local or remote technologies, topologies, and HMI's.

The E/IFI can serve the following functions: 1) Multiple Loop Interface, 2) Protocol Converter, 3) Data Concentrator, 4) Cabling Topology Converter, 5) Remote Terminal Unit, 6) Local Display, and 7) Field (Report) Printer.

The E/IFI can be used with most cabling topologies (10BASE-FL, radio, hardwire, etc.) for host communications and with multiple gauge manufacturers (electrical standards and protocols) at the same time.


The E/IFI software in normal operation is designed to poll all tanks continuously. This capability is a function of the IPM. It is downloaded and stores in non-volatile memory all tanks that have been assigned to that cabling loop. The Intelligent Personality Module refreshes and holds the data from those tanks on a continual basis and passes the data to the CPU Module upon request or scheduled intervals.

The speed of the requested data from the Intelligent Personality Module to the CPU Module is extremely high as block data compared to the polling of most gauge technologies by the Intelligent Personality Module. The CPU Module can also request diagnostic registers or single data point registers from the Intelligent Personality Module. In addition, a straight through mode of communications to a gauge is provided for configuration and diagnostics with some serial protocols.

The data is received by the CPU Module and can be reformatted or translated into other protocols, etc. The CPU Module then transmits the data upon request at programmed intervals to the Host or HMI. The means of cabling topologies or communications include: hardwire, Ethernet (10BASE-FL Fiber Link or 10BASE-T), Spread Spectrum Radio, BlueTooth, Cellular, Satellite, or WEB enabled.

Reversed Functionality:

The Intelligent Personality Module when used as a stand-alone device or with a power supply has the unique capability to be used in a reversed manner.

Instead of communicating with the CPU Module over the RS 485 bus, it used the RS 485 port to communicate with gauges. Any technology, such as the MTG “Multi-function Tank Gauge”, CAP “Capacitance Accurate Probe”, etc. using MODBUS RTU protocol can be used to replace older or problematic tank gauge technology while communicating to your existing system.

The only limit of the reversed functionality is in the data. If you put in a new technology that offers more data variables than the data variables of your existing system, then you will be limited to the data variables of your existing system.

However, Reversed Functionality will allow the testing of new technology or a means of slowly retrofitting in a newer technology until it is economically justifiable to switch data communications (cabling topology - electrical standard & protocol).



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