The GSI-IFI / WM Intelligent Field Interface - Wall Mounted Unit. The IFI - Wall Mounted Unit provides communications between the HMI and the tank gauges.

It supplies field power to up to four field wiring gauge loops. Each loop can have the same electrical standard and protocol, or different electrical standard and protocol. Allowing the user to integrate more than one manufacturer or gauge technology into a tank gauging system.

The number of tanks per loop are determined by the electrical standard and protocol used, i.e., RS 485 allows only 32 addresses per loop, Bi-Phase Mark allows only 10 addresses per loop, etc.
  • Single or Multiple Gauge Loops
  • Single or Multiple Electrical Standards or Protocols
  • Maximum of 4 loops or 4 different Protocol/Electrical Standards
  • All field devices are continuously polled by the FIB/PM
  • Each loop is individually polled, powered, and surge protected
  • Communications to the (Win TG PRO) host software is via an RS 232 port from a single Field Interface Board (FIB) or can be RS 485 multi-drop from multiple Field Interface Boards (FIB's)
  • Host protocol: MODBUS RTU standard, Optional: ASCII protocols
  • Field protocol: MODBUS RTU, ASCII, Mark-Space, Tankway, Bi-phase Mark, DDA, etc.