GSI-2000 Digital Transmitter

The GSI-2000 “Absolute” Digital Transmitter is designed for use in conjunction with a “Mechanical tank gauge,” which is sometimes referred to as a “Tape & Float gauge." The GSI-2000 provides inventory accuracy for level, temperature (when used with RTD), status contacts, and I.D. echo. Additional options include: Multi-point spot temperature and Density measurement.

Our “Absolute” Digital Transmitter consists of three major components:
1) Transmitter housing, 2) Encoder, and 3) Transmitter Board.

Transmitter Housing: This is an explosion proof (NEMA 7) cast aluminum housing with wiring nipple assembly and J-condulet for surge protection & field wiring terminations. It is designed to directly couple to the GSI 2570 or Varec® 2500B “Automatic tank gauge."

Transmitter Encoder: GSI designed the 2000 Encoder to eliminate problems found within other manufacturers' brush and optical (absolute & non-absolute) encoders. The GSI 2000 “Absolute” encoder has the lowest MTBF and requires less maintenance than any other encoder on the market over the last 20+ years. Some manufacturers' products still include Geneva gears & reflective optics that are more maintenance intensive. The GSI 2000 provides an "Absolute” encoder without the need for batteries to provide power to store data or optical arrays (electrical component within the encoder) that need continual maintenance.

Transmitter Board: The 2000 “Absolute” Digital Transmitter supports a number of GSI Transmitter Cards for new applications or for retrofit of existing systems. For new applications please consult GSI. For retrofit applications GSI has transmitter boards designed to meet field power requirements, electrical standard, protocol, and communication topology of your existing system. GSI manufactures field proven transmitter boards to match open standards such as MODBUS RTU / RS485 or vendor dedicated protocols such as Enraf® BPM (GPU), Varec® Mark-Space / 48Vdc, L&J Technologies® Tankway /38-70Vdc, MTS® DDA, and other manufacturers' forms of non-compliant MODBUS / 220Vac – 24Vdc.

GSI-2000 = Reliable “Absolute” digital accuracy from a gauge transmitter.