GSI-1150 Windows Tank Gauging Professional Software

The Win TG Pro is the first tank gauging software on the market designed and developed for the newest Microsoft Windows based operating systems (2000, XP Professional, etc.). The architecture provides for single user to distributed enterprise applications. A server with multiple clients can be distributed throughout a plant or, via an Intranet, throughout the company. The Win TG Pro is designed to meet current and future .NET platform capabilities.

Win TG Pro incorporates standard Alarm, Screen and Printed Reports, Historical Alarm Log, Event Log, Graphical User Interface, Accessible Database, and other features. The Win TG Pro also provides reports across the WEB in HTML or Microsoft Excel file formats. A variety of Software Drivers provide seamless interfaces with most manufacturers' gauges and technologies (MTG, Radar, Servo, Magnetostrictive, Capacitance, Mechanical, and others).

The Windows Tank Gauging Professional Screens and Reports are fully configurable by the user if security authorized. Thus, allowing the configuration of screens by tanks, data format, units of measure, activity, etc. Other areas such as the tank database and system database are also configurable by password.

Security features allow the system administrator to configure group or individual access levels. The security feature has the flexibility to limit a user or group by area or function.
  • The next generation of software is available now
  • Microsoft Operating System based software design (Windows 2000 and later)
  • Net ready (Distributed Application), ADO, XML, OLE-DB
  • Configurations: Multiple Server, Multiple Client, and Distributed Drivers... Set-up and administration tools are independent.
  • Databases supported - ODBC, SQL Server, MS Access...
  • Screens: Text & Graphical User Interface
  • Alarms: Audible & Visual
  • Reports export to Text, Excel, HTML, Printer
  • Historical Trending and System Event Log
  • Both Network O.S. and Application Security
  • User Friendly, Help Screens, On screen training
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