Transmitter Cards

GSI-2000 Digital Transmitter

The GSI-2000 “Absolute” Digital Transmitter is designed for use in conjunction with a “Mechanical tank gauge,” which is sometimes referred to as a “Tape & Float gauge." The GSI-2000 provides inventory accuracy for level, temperature (when used with RTD), status contacts, and I.D. echo. Additional options include: Multi-point spot temperature and Density measurement.

GSI-APTB Transmitter Cards

The MACB "Multi ASCII Communications Board" has been retired. Some electronic components for the MACB transmitter card are no longer available from the manufacturer. Remaining component stock has been dedicated to the GSI service group for bench repairs. Anticipating that component stock would be soon unavailable, GSI designed a new transmitter board to replace the MACB, as well as the 1800, 1900, 2000, and 2001 transmitter cards.