Advancements with MTG

The MTG 3000 has now been replaced by the MTG 3012 Product Line, this includes the following gauges:

MTG 3012 – Up to 12 Sensor Modules, New CPU providing all measured and calculated data directly from the transmitter head, supports 1,000 strapping tables, and API, ISO, or GOST standards. The MTG 3012 provides Mass, Level, Multi-point spot temperature, Average product temperature, Multi-strata density, Average product density, Free water, Entrained water, Vapor pressure, Vapor temperature, and options such as Atmospheric pressure, Atmospheric temperature, and Mass leak detection. The measurement of vapor pressure provides added alarming capability for vacuum or over pressure during transfer or actual hydrocarbon emission factors. The measurement of multiple density strata provides a method of determining product quality and worth; it enables the determination of both free and entrained water and their location within the tank (Crude oil settling, etc.). It is the only gauge that provides density data to determine when it is needed to mix product (QA).
MTG 3024 – Same as MTG 3012, only with two full gauges within one probe assembly, with two independent transmitters. Full redundant measurement of Mass, Level, etc. but without the added structural costs for tank modification or added electrical / conduit runs.  
MTP 3025 – Multi-function Tank Probe is designed to complement the use of any Level Gauge (Radar, Servo, etc.). The MTP provides; Multi-point spot temperature, Average product temperature, Multi-strata density, Average density, free water, and options such as Entrained water, Vapor pressure, and Vapor temperature.

HTP 3050 – Hydrostatic Tank Probe overcomes the poor design and high structural costs of conventional HTG (Hydrostatic Tank Gauges) by providing; Mass, Average product temperature,

Other application specific versions of the MTG 3012 are available. Applications include; Tanks up to 300’ in height (MTG 3012-L “Long”), Sanitary tanks for food process (MTG 3012-S “Sanitary”), High pressure tanks – spherical tanks (MTG 3012-H “High Pressure” a combination of the 3024 and L), Production tanks 16’ – 24’ in height (MTG 3000-P “Production” currently in Beta testing), and Marine tankers & barges (MTG 3012-M “Marine” a combination of the 3024, L, and Brass).

For more information contact Gauging Systems Inc. (GSI) or see the pdf file.