GSI-3012 Multi-Function Tank Gauge (MTG™)

The MTG™ “Multi-function Gauge” provides more data and the lowest cost of ownership of all "Inventory" tank gauges on the market. MTG™ customers experience both economic and operational benefits from its use, typically seeing payback on the MTG™ within the first year of operation.

It is the only tank gauge (single instrument) to provide all necessary data to calculate volume by either Hybrid Method (Level, Temperature, Density, & Water) or Hydrostatic Method (Mass, Density, & Water) in real time directly from the gauge. The MTG™ 3012 transmitter supports over 1,000 strapping points and can provide diagnostic measurements, raw measured data, or calculated data. It is the perfect gauge for use with DCS, SCADA, and HMI software.

The MTG™ provides both quantitative and qualitative measurement of product. It provides operational, enviromental, and safety benefits beyond that which a typical tank gauge may provide.

For GSI-3024 Redundant Multi-function, visit here

  • MTG™ (“Multi-function Tank Gauge”) provides the most accurate volume measurement for custody transfer, inventory, or loss control on the market by a tank gauge.
  • MTG™ provides real time volume by Hybrid or Hydrostatic Methods (all product variables are measured from one instrument, one tank opening, one electrical connection, etc.).
  • MTG™ provides real time profiling of product within a liquid storage tank (Water, Density, and Temperature stratification). It does not require additional instruments, tank entries, electrical connections, etc.
  • MTG™ determines the product quality, i.e., Specific gravity, Free water, and Entrained water content in product.
  • MTG™ provides vapor pressure and vapor temperature for hydrocarbon emmissions reporting, gas blanketing regulation, or alarm indication of a stuck pressure relief vent.
  • MTG™ (tank gauge) is third party certified for leak detection (Mass sensitivity).
  • MTG™ provides volume calculations using measured variables for Multi-strata density (not Reference / Average Density), Free and entrained water (not just free water), Actual vapor pressure and temperature, Actual atmospheric pressure and temperature, Actual mass, etc.
  • MTG™ has no moving parts
  • MTG™ is self diagnostic and self calibrating
  • MTG™ is bottom referenced (standard). No reference point error as with roof mounted level technologies.
  • MTG™ installs in service with or without a gauge well.
  • MTG™ when installed within the gauge well, provides a direct compairison of the ATG with the Metrology reference point, i.e., the manual hand line and samples at the same physical location on the tank for level, temperature, density, and water. Thus, reducing measurement errors caused by multiple data locations from other hybrid level gauges.
  • MTG™ has the lowest cost of ownership among inventory tank gauging technologies and the most benefits.