Mechanical Tank Gauges

(GSI) manufactures a variety of level / mass tank gauges for measuring liquid products within storage tanks.

Tank gauges are categorized by the measurement accuracy of the instrument, i.e., Custody Transfer, Inventory, or Process measurement. The determination of the instruments accuracy is based upon metrology (laboratory) testing in adherence to metrology standards, such as API, ISO, GOST, OIML, etc.

Note: There is no metrology standard that completely covers the installation of all technologies, on all physical tank types, using all types of product, and all forms of tank operation for level measurement, let alone volume measurement using either Hybrid or Hydrostatic Methods. Other system accuracy errors due to limitations of interface & communications equipment (signal processing resolution), and software (data processing resolution and data conversion algorithms) have not been fully addressed.

Other factors to consider include; required data, reliability, physical tank accessibility when installing instruments (infrastructure required), power and signal requirements (electrical & conduit), maintenance requirements, calibration procedures, integration, and additional benefits that can equate to economic gain (Safety, Environmental, QA, etc.).

Gauging Systems Inc. provides a wide range of instruments and experienced engineers who can help you select the best instrument for your application.


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