Interface Overview

GSI provides systems integration with almost all manufactured tank gauge equipment, using industry standard or dedicated vendor protocols and electrical interfaces. Our products range from a single manufacturer through multiple manufacturers' integration; Installations from one to six-hundred fifty tanks; Local displays; Protocol conversion; Topology conversion; Data logging, RTU functions; Local printed reports; Keyboard, Net and wireless configuration; and Custom programmed functionality.

The GSI interfaces support communications via: Hardwire, Ethernet (Fiber & Copper), WEB, Radio (Spread spectrum, WIFI, Blue Tooth, and Zigbee), Cellular, Modem, and Satellite.

Common host protocols include; MODBUS-ASCII, MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP, OPC, HTML, XML, and others.

Supported hosts: Inventory Data Warehouse Systems (GSI®), DCS (Honeywell®, Foxboro®, etc.), SCADA, Terminal Automation Systems, Tank Gauging Systems (Win TG Pro, Sentinel), HMI’s, PLC’s, etc.

Common field protocols supported include: MODBUS-ASCII, MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP, GSI® (ASCII, Mark-Space), SAAB Rosemount® (Rex-MODBUS and TRL/2-MODBUS), Enraf® (Bi-Phase Mark, GPU, MODBUS-RTU), Varec® (Mark-Space, MODBUS-RTU), Whessoe® (WM550), Sakura® (V1), L&J Technologies® (Tankway, MODBUS-RTU, GPE® 31422/31423), MTS® (DDA, MODBUS-RTU), Veeder Root® (TLS-350), Tokyo Keiso®, Motherwell®, and others. We also support secondary device conversions for Foundation Field Bus®, ProfiBus®, Texas Instruments® TIWAY protocols.

Custom interfaces are also available - Liquid inventory and tank farm data where, when, and how you need it.

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GSI-1517 E/IPM Enhanced
Intelligent Personality Module
  GSI-1555 E/TGI
Enhanced Tank Gauge Interface
GSI-1570 CIM – Communications Interface Module (IOS)


GSI-1410 Mini Tank Receiver GSI-1525 SIU - Solar
Interface Unit
  GSI-1540 FOE – Fiber Optic Expander GSI-1560 E/RTU – Enhanced
Remote Terminal Unit


GSI-1420 Field Display Unit GSI-1430 Gauge Emulator   GSI-1465 WEB Enabled Industrial Display GSI-1460 WEB Enabled Modular Controller / RTU

GSI-1480 MODBUS (RS 485) to MODBUS TCP/IP Converter Module GSI-1530 PIU – Portable Interface Unit   GSI-1580 RJ45 to 10/100Base Fiber Converter